First Match in newly Renovated Motera Stadium which was renamed to Honorable PM of India’s name Shri.Narendra Modi Stadium ,which also happens to be worlds Largest stadium and here is the video from one of the cricket fan from Ahmedabad who recorded his experience on day 2 of the test.

First Match @ Narendra Modi Stadium,Ahmedabad

Well I couldn’t get Videos of highlights but the Match started off with pain for Team India fans, but it turned out to be most memorable win against Team England in some time. Well, I guess its not really important to speak about any of the English Batsmen as they have miserably failed in the first Innings ,all of them were in a hurry to back into the pavilion with only 81 runs on the board . While Team India did not put any different foot forward in 1st Innings, but managed a 145 where English bowlers Leach( 4 wickets) and Root( 5 wickets) brought back some hope .

After Roots performance , he must have felt why didn’t he bowl since beginning of the innings??? Well though it is a personal record for an English captain its not a match winning performance, while the bowlers from Team India ,Axar Patel (11 wicket haul) and Ashwin(7 wickets) are the match winners for team India and also bagged some personal records, with Ashwin crossing 400 wickets(2nd fastest) only after Muthaih Muralidhar and Axar Patel (11 wickets) in his second test only. Stadium and Aura , and these memories for Team India are going to last for sometime, however there is a whole series infront of them with England being one of the best teams and being the World Cup holder its not going to be easy task.

Well notable batting performances were by bowlers with Ishant Sharma making a debut 6 , followed by Leach,

Englands Innings on day 1 after winning the toss and choosing to bat , just falls short of passing the Dinner time with loss of all the wickets. Crawley makes an Half century but falls for Ashwin’s magic ball at 53. Other than that all the English batsmen rush to pavilion all out for 112. Rather Indian bowlers Axar Patel and Ravichander Ashwin have dominated the game. By the end of the game to night ,India lost Gill 11(51) , Pujara 0(4) and Kohli 27(58) with Rohit Sharma 57(82) and Rahane 1(3) at the crease.

The day was definitely on India’s side with Both Ashwin and Axar’s excellent bowling and fetching. On Englands side , Archer striked the first wicket and Leach took 2 with immediate succession. All eyes on Rohit Sharma and rest of Indian batting or will the England Bowling crack the Indian batting line up???

After leveling the series 1-1 , India is on high note and with Jofra Archer back into the team after a injury England set to control India in the 3rd one day. Lets see how the Ahmedabad pitch going to turnout for batsmen and bowlers. Good luck to England and India

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