England women win the T20 series 3-0

To be honest I have not watched a single match of women’s cricket match to date, however I believe its only time before this picks up or may be it already picked up and I am not aware of its impact. Well without being judgmental of scope and depth of it I am taking a leap of faith to start and learn about players and teams and this may take a while for me to catch . I am sure just like men’s cricket the rules are probably the same and teams playing must be typically Australia, England , India, Pakistan etc etc ….well if not I will learn as time goes by …. I came across this video of Australian cricket player Ellyse Perry…cheers to all cricket lovers!!!. I am sure it must not be easy for women to take on this sport which is dominated by men….well hopefully the women section will soon expand on my website .

Ellyse Perry’s Quest